Current Exhibit

January 19th – February 28th



Vision of an inclusive society

Strength in shared resources

Artistic expression that unites us all

Vision, Strength, Artistic Expression is a collection of artwork created by adult artists with disabilities on the VSA Kentucky Artist Registry. The exhibition is made up of 20 works of art created by 9 artists.  The subjects and styles vary from Realism to Non-Representational in still life, landscape, portraits and design. Works include drawing, painting, photography and printmaking.  The exhibition title and theme are based on the VSA Kentucky mission statement.

Individual artists interpretations varied and include historical figures like Fredrick Douglas to brightly colored still lives and graceful landscapes. Sales from the exhibition benefit the artists and the VSA Kentucky Artist Registry program.


Exhibit Sponsor:  Beth and Richie Fiss


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“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”

Pablo Picasso