July – August

“A Garden of Childish Dreams”

Works by Jason Sturgill

Jason Sturgill promotional print

“With glorious laughter, I descend into wonder”

Sponsored by:  Lanham Stock Fence

The average length of gazing at artwork is around 6 seconds.  The human mind has evolved to the point where it sees an image, processes it, stores it and then moves on.  My mission is to help slow that process down.  I want to challenge the viewer to gaze longer, ask questions, and become more involved in the art space.  With these pieces, I want you to see something from a distance that intrigues you and will pull you towards the piece.  As you get closer to the image, you will see new and exciting elements.  The theme will take on new meaning as you continue to explore the work up close.  You will see new ideas and your mind will not worry about the next image but stay magnetized to the experience that you just had”  ~Jason Sturgill

Upcoming Exhibit

“Hidden Gems:Beautiful Women of  Franklin, Kentucky”

photography of Linda Paulus

Sponsored by:  Crocker Winery

Opening Reception Thursday September 19th 5:30 pm